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Sabbir, Salma, Swarlipi and Shravani will sing at ‘Bangla Studio’ on Eid

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  • Update Time : Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Eid special program ‘Bangla Studio’ on music has been made for broadcast on Bangladesh Television next Eid. Although it is a regular program of BTV. But this year’s ‘Bangla Studio’ event has been specially arranged around Eid. And in this event, popular musicians Sabbir Zaman, Salma, Swarlipi and Shrabni Sayantani will be seen singing. Sabbir Zaman said that he and Salma sang a mashup of two cherished songs ‘Dhanya Dhanya’ and ‘Milan Hobe Katodine’.

Sabbir said, ‘I and Salma have been singing in the music industry for one and a half years. But this is the first time that both of them sang together on the same stage in double voice. Asiya Islam Dola rapped with us. All in all the two songs are great in one word. Lalan music in Salma’s voice is amazing. I also tried to sing two songs with my heart. I hope the audience will like it.’ Swarlipi has sung two songs with Jaane Alam. One is ‘Love comes in everyone’s life’, the other is ‘You are my life and I am your life’. Both of them have sung mashup of two songs.

Swarlipi said, ‘This arrangement is for Eid. That’s why this event was very neat and tidy. Jane Alam Bai is working in Bangladesh Police. He also sings very well. I hope everyone will like these two songs in our voice.’ Meanwhile, on June 8, the popular singer of this generation, Shrabani Sayantani, came on a month’s leave from ‘Bish Bharati University’. After coming to Dhaka, he sang in this program organized by BTV. Shravani sang the song ‘Tora winda kar winda winda kara sakhi khada pani dhal tora’. Sadia Liza has sung with him in the song.

Shravani Sayantani, who rapped, said, ‘Sincere gratitude to Bangladesh Television, as well as the producer of the show, Ashraf Babu Bhai. I returned to the country for a month. It feels good to be busy with work after returning to Dhaka. Sabbir’s brother, Salma Apu, Swarlipi Apu and others who were there were very nice to meet. Everyone loves me so much, I think this is the blessing of life.’

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