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Bubli’s achievement is then waiting for revenge

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  • Update Time : Thursday, June 13, 2024

Actress Bubli was honored as the best actress of 2023 at the recently held ‘BFDA’ award ceremony. As of 2024, this is the highest recognition for her performance as an actress. On the other hand, the film ‘Revenge’ directed by Md Iqbal is scheduled to be released next Eid.


The trailer of the movie has already been released. He is seen playing the role of a police officer. The glimpses of Bubli in the trailer suggest that Bubli’s presence in the entire film will be challenging and will leave the audience enthralled. Ziaul Roshan is opposite Bubli in the movie. In the meantime, a lot of interest has been created among the audience around the movie. M Rahim is making a movie ‘Jungli’ about Bubli and Siam around this Eid. But this movie has been prevented from being released this Eid.



Bubli said, ‘In the first award ceremony organized by the Bangladesh Film Directors Association, I was awarded as the best actress for acting in the movie Prahelika, it was a great honor for me, a lot of love. Because we develop ourselves as artists under the guidance of directors. So only respected directors can tell us how we act as artists. I would like to thank everyone who was involved with the BFDA-Awarding Ceremony organized by Bangladesh Film Directors Association.


It is also confirmed that my film Revenge is going to be released next Eid. In this movie, I played the role of a police officer, who is ready to sacrifice himself for the country, who is determined to build a golden Bangladesh. So I am thankful to Iqbal bhai for giving me a chance to act in such a role. I am very optimistic about the movie Revenge.’ Meanwhile, next Eid, Bubli will be seen participating in the program ‘Ranna Kono Biarai Na’ on Maashranga TV in the presentation of Moushumi Maui. Bubli has already participated in the recording of this show.

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