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Rash or Itching on the Skin Due to Intense Heat!

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  • Update Time : Thursday, June 13, 2024
Professor Dr. SM Bakhtiar Kamal
As the hot season is ending, the problems of sweat and prickly heat increase due to the high temperatures, as do the issues of skin rashes or itching. To get relief from these problems at the end of the hot season, you must follow some guidelines that can protect your skin.
Due to the humid air at this time, various types of germs begin to increase in nature. Consequently, fungi form when they come into contact with sweat on the body. This fungus causes various skin problems, which become very troublesome in extreme heat. Remember, the most common fungus infection on the skin in the heat is tinea. This fungus rapidly proliferates in sweat and dust accumulated on various parts of the body, causing different types of wounds and itching on the skin.
What to Do:
– This problem is often seen in the folds of the skin.
– To control such issues, the first thing to do is to keep the body or skin dry. After bathing or if the body gets wet with sweat for any reason, wipe it off quickly with a towel.
– Keep your clothes clean regularly. To avoid germ infections, you can disinfect the clothes with Dettol water after washing them. Give preference to cotton fabrics to protect your skin.
– Due to excessive friction between the skin and clothing, wounds may form on the skin. Therefore, instead of wearing tight clothing in the heat, choose loose-fitting clothes.
– If you have the habit of sharing cosmetics, combs, or towels with all family members, change it immediately.
– Keep your nails short regularly to avoid rashes or itching on the skin. Long nails provide an opportunity for germs to spread quickly. If you experience itching or burning in any area, instead of touching or rubbing the affected area, you can apply ice. Avoid using any cream, lotion, or cosmetic on the skin during any skin infection, and if skin problems become severe due to the heat, seek treatment from a dermatologist.

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