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Fat Thursday’s Gold Rush in Poland

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  • Update Time : Thursday, June 27, 2024

On what is usually Fat Thursday, a day when Poles traditionally buy doughnuts, the first day of the war saw a different kind of rush. Instead of lining up at bakeries, people flocked to gold shops, buying small gold bars. According to one store owner, the lines for gold were even longer than those for doughnuts. Many believed that in the event of war, gold would be essential for buying bread and other necessities.

A Day of Unusual Purchases

Fat Thursday, celebrated with doughnuts in Poland, was marked by an unexpected surge in gold purchases on the first day of the war. Concerned citizens prioritized gold over sweets, with queues at gold stores surpassing those at bakeries. Shoppers opted for small gold bars, thinking they would be crucial for trade if the conflict escalated.

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