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Director Mamun’s Casting Controversy

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  • Update Time : Thursday, June 27, 2024

Director Anonno Mamun, known for his upcoming film ‘Dord,’ has landed in hot water yet again, this time due to a cultural show in Dubai and recent casting issues. Reliable sources reveal that Mamun is struggling after being turned down by two leading actresses.


Inspiration from Bollywood’s ‘Crew’

After the success of the female-centric Bollywood film ‘Crew,’ Mamun crafted a similar script featuring four female characters. He approached Bidya Sinha Mim, Mahiya Mahi, Nusrat Faria, and a new actress for these roles. While Mahiya Mahi and the new actress accepted, problems arose with the latter’s involvement.

Star Actresses Refuse Roles

Nusrat Faria and Mim declined to join the project upon learning the new actress’s identity. They were unwilling to share the screen with her, preferring to work with actresses of equal star status. Mim and Faria suggested casting well-known stars like Joya Ahsan or Dilara Hanif Purnima instead.

Zahara Mitu: The Controversial Cast

The new actress causing the stir is Zahara Mitu, whose career has been marred by unsuccessful films. Her debut, ‘Joy Bangla,’ flopped, and her subsequent film also failed, leading to reluctance among established actresses to work with her. Without securing Mim, Faria, and Mahiya, Mamun’s Indo-Bangla joint venture now faces an uncertain future.

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