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The first staging of ‘Bodh’ on stage today

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  • Update Time : Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Nandit Playwright, Director and Actor Harun Rashid’s ‘Swapnaghuri’ repertory production of the drama ‘Bodh-Kukhi Sawan, Kukhi Sahin’ is coming to the stage for the first time today. The play will be staged at Shilpakala Academy’s Parikshan Theater Hall in the capital on Wednesday evening at seven o’clock.

This has been confirmed by Harun Rashid. Regarding the story of the play, Harun Rashid said, ‘High-ranking government official Ajmal Haque’s three-decade long career ended with a spontaneous farewell reception by his colleagues. He has gained reputation by serving the state and working for the welfare of people with honesty and devotion. When Ajmal Haque was filled with emotions after reading the various stanzas of the congratulatory letter received after the ceremony, some people came to him one by one for various reasons and needs in his work life.

Some of those people’s questions, some inquiries stormed the court of Ajmal Haque. The first production of Swapnaguri is based on such a story. We want to fly our kites in fields, wastelands, forests, villages, cities, ports and remote villages. Want to participate in the march, movement and struggle to establish a society of equality and humane world. Everyone is cordially invited to watch the play. I hope everyone will like it.’

Harun Rashid, Rajeev Saleheen, Sharmimala, Nikita Nandini, Sylvia Kuia, Tajuddin Taju, Jhumu Majumdar will act in different roles in the drama. Stage planning by Saju Khadem, music by Ramiz Raju, makeup by Mohammad Ali Babul, production director and coordination and lighting direction by Thandu Raihan. Dr. Harun Rashid expressed his gratitude. To Md. Arifur Rahman, Md. Saidul Islam and Tariq Hasan Tuhin.

National film award winning actress Sharmimala said, ‘Today I am going on stage with the play Bodh written and directed by Harun Bhai. Everyone is humbly requested to watch the staging of this story taken from life. I hope everyone will like the first production of Swapnaguri.’

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