July 25, 2024, 7:36 am

Global Backlash Against Tourism Resurges: Protests and Policies

Anti-tourism sentiment is rising globally as regions face the impacts of overtourism post-COVID-19. In 2024, protests and legislative actions from Barcelona to the Maldives highlight this issue. Europe: Protests and Read More

AI Investment Boom: 5 Stocks Poised for Growth Beyond Nvidia”

Artificial intelligence (AI) has driven Nvidia’s stock to impressive heights, making it one of the world’s most valuable companies. However, other companies in the AI supply chain and related sectors

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Tokyo Inflation Rises: Potential Interest Rate Hike Looms

Tokyo’s Inflation on the Rise Inflation in Tokyo increased in June, driven by higher energy prices, signaling a potential interest rate hike by the Bank of Japan (BOJ) as early

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Titan and Rhythm Group Sign Joint Venture for Tanishq’s Expansion in Bangladesh

Titan, one of India’s leading lifestyle companies, will expand its reach into Bangladesh in collaboration with the local Rhythm Group through watches, eyewear, perfume, and its flagship jewellery brand, Tanishq. A

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Amazon’s New Bargain Section Targets Low-Priced Chinese Goods

Amazon Launches Temu-Style Bargain Corner Amazon is set to introduce a new section on its website dedicated to unbranded products under $20, shipped directly from China, in response to the

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