July 25, 2024, 7:40 am

U.S.A, ROK, and Japan condemn military cooperation between the DPRK and Russia

Sarakhon Desk
  • Update Time : Tuesday, June 25, 2024

The United States, ROK, and Japan condemn in the strongest possible terms deepening military cooperation between the DPRK and Russia, including continued arms transfers from the DPRK to Russia that prolong the suffering of the Ukrainian people, violate multiple United Nations Security Council Resolutions, and threaten stability in both Northeast Asia and Europe.

The advancement of the DPRK-Russia partnership, as highlighted by the signing of the “Treaty on Comprehensive Strategic Partnership” during Russian leader Vladimir Putin’s June 19 visit to Pyongyang, should be of grave concern to anyone with an interest in maintaining peace and stability on the Korean Peninsula, upholding the global non-proliferation regime, and supporting the people of Ukraine as they defend their freedom and independence against Russia’s brutal aggression.

The United States, ROK, and Japan reaffirm their intention to further strengthen diplomatic and security cooperation to counter the threats the DPRK poses to regional and global security and to prevent escalation of the situation.   The U.S. commitments to the defense of the ROK and Japan remain ironclad.  The United States, ROK, and Japan also reaffirm that the path to dialogue remains open and urge the DPRK to cease further provocations and return to negotiations.

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