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Guitarist Dipan Shakil Honored as Chief Judge at Bulbul Academy Event

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  • Update Time : Sunday, June 30, 2024
Renowned Guitarist Takes on New Role
Shakil Mohammad Dipan, a celebrated guitarist known for his numerous awards including the Nagaland Award and the Rotary International Award, recently stepped into a prestigious new role.
Dipan’s Distinguished Achievements
Dipan has been honored by various esteemed organizations, including the Bangladesh High Commission in Delhi and an award from Dubai as the best musician. Recently, he was also honored on the occasion of the 33rd anniversary of ‘Amra Kuññi.’
Leading the Jury at Bulbul Academy
This year, Dipan served as the chief judge for the annual evaluation examination at the Bulbul Academy of Fine Arts, a significant traditional institution in the country. The event saw over 100 guitarists participate and was held at the Mirpur-2 branch building of the academy.
Gratitude and Recognition
Upon completing his judging duties, the academy’s principal, Mangal Chandra Mandal, a respected classical music artist and researcher, presented Dipan with an honorary certificate. Dipan expressed his deep gratitude, stating, “It’s a great honor to serve as the chief judge for such a prestigious institution. This recognition will always hold a special place in my artistic life.”
Dipan’s Heartfelt Message
Dipan conveyed his appreciation to the principal and those who inspire him, highlighting the honor and pride he felt in fulfilling his responsibilities.

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