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Kona Unveils the Story Behind ‘Dushtu Kokil’

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  • Update Time : Thursday, July 11, 2024

Top Choice on OTT and YouTube During Eid, viewers are increasingly turning to OTT platforms and YouTube for special programs, with Shakib Khan’s Eid release ‘Toofan’ standing out. Among its highlights is the much-discussed song ‘Dushtu Kokil’.

Creation of ‘Dushtu Kokil’ ‘Dushtu Kokil’ is composed, written, and arranged by Akash Sen, and sung by Dilshad Nahar Kona. In a recent TV interview, Kona shared a humorous backstory about the song. She revealed, “Akash sent me a four-line demo of ‘Dushtu Kokil’. I got busy with other work, and later, Akash asked, ‘Are you going to do this song?’ I immediately agreed.”

Unexpected Success Kona mentioned, “When making a song, one hopes it will be well-received. ‘Dushtu Kokil’ spread quickly among everyone. Despite many hits in my career, this song became a hit right after the trailer was released, followed by the full song.”

Going Viral When asked if the song made her viral, Kona explained, “We live in the age of information technology, and such terms are unavoidable. Everyone says this song is viral. What remains on many people’s lips is called viral. Though I’m not used to saying it, since everyone is, we can call it viral.”

About ‘Toofan’ ‘Toofan’ is set in the 90s, portraying the story of a well-known gangster from that era. It is a joint production by Bangladesh’s Chorki and Alpha I, and India’s SVF. The film stars Shakib Khan, Mimi Chakraborty, Chanchal Chowdhury, Nabila, and Misha Sawdagar

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