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Siam’s Long Journey in His Short Life

Faysal Ahmed
  • Update Time : Monday, June 10, 2024

I am Siam. Currently, I am enrolled in the primary admission program at Jessore University of Science and Technology. Since childhood, my dream was to get admitted to a government medical college and become a great doctor after completing my studies. With this dream, I got admitted to Notre Dame College, Mymensingh. Perhaps luck was not on my side because, since 2017, I had been suffering from an unknown disease. The disease gradually became more complicated. I consulted many doctors and was admitted to a hospital in Dhaka for 6 months. Every doctor, after seeing my test reports, would say I was overly anxious. Seeing my condition, my mother cried every day. Due to palpitations and various other complications, I fell behind a year in SSC. I lost many school friends.

Subsequently, despite my illness, I took the SSC exam in 2020 and did quite well. Based on my mother’s decision, I got admitted to Notre Dame College, Mymensingh. Then came the COVID-19 pandemic, and along with it, my strange illness resurfaced. A few months before the HSC exam, I began to feel relatively better, Alhamdulillah. I took the HSC exam well and got good results again. With the dream of becoming a doctor, I enrolled in a medical admission coaching center. Everyone gives their best effort in the admission battle, and so did I. I took the medical entrance exam, but the result was that I did not get a chance. I was surrounded by depression and completely broke down. In my depression, I did not participate in the first DU, RU, or CU admission exams. I couldn’t do well in the cluster and JU exams either. Many days went by like this, listening to the words of people around me. I decided to take the exam for the second time, and during this time, my mother and some friends gave me courage. They were ready to help in every way possible.

With everyone’s support, I started preparing for medical school again, isolating myself at home. I kept telling myself to work harder. I started doing well in coaching exams, gaining self-confidence. Thus, the exams came. The days before the exams were very tough; it felt like I was forgetting everything, and I couldn’t sleep. The exam time came like this. I took the exam quite well. I thought to myself, this time it will happen. But luck was not on my side again. I didn’t get a chance this time either; I got a score of 65.50, missing by 1.25 points. This time I completely broke down. It felt like taking the second attempt at medical preparation was the biggest mistake of my life. Within a month after the medical exam in 2023, the DU, RU, CU, and JU exams ended. Preparing myself for university admission in such a short time was not easy for me.

The results were as follows:

CU: Failed in Bangla
RU: Merit 1713
JU: Merit 1527
I did well in the exams but didn’t get a chance to get admitted anywhere.

My life’s story isn’t like anyone else’s where they didn’t get a chance anywhere the first time but secured a good place the second time. My story is a bit different.

After RU and JU, I got another 30 days before the cluster exam. I completely immersed myself in my studies. With depression, some illness, and the desire to get admitted to a public university, I started again. I had a strong desire to see my mother’s smile by getting a chance somewhere.

Finally, the dream of becoming a public university student came true, Alhamdulillah. I got into Jessore University of Science and Technology in the first merit list, and I am waiting to see what comes next.

Many of you might not have such problems in your life like me. Some have more problems, and some have less. No matter what situation you are in, never think of yourself as a failure. Keep trying your best; success will come one day. I walk this path with this belief.

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