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aespa Winter Sparks Buzz with NewJeans Album Post on Bubble

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  • Update Time : Monday, June 10, 2024

aespa’s Winter and NewJeans have captured attention on social media with their dance challenges and exchanges. In a recent Bubble post, Winter shared a photo of a NewJeans album, sparking a flurry of online discussion.

Winter Proudly Shows Off NewJeans’ Album
On June 8, netizens created a thread titled “Winter Shows Her NewJeans’ Album On Bubble.” The thread featured a screenshot from Winter’s Bubble conversation, where she revealed receiving the “How Sweet” album from NewJeans and mentioned that aespa had given them an album in return.


Fans React to Winter’s Post Amidst Company Tensions
Fans were delighted to see Winter proudly display her NewJeans album, despite ongoing tensions between their respective companies, HYBE and SM Entertainment. Some fans noted that Winter seems unfazed by these conflicts, emphasizing her genuine support for NewJeans.

Positive Reactions and Fan Solidarity
Many fans appreciated the show of solidarity between the groups, with international fans echoing positive sentiments. The interaction between aespa and NewJeans highlights a refreshing disregard for corporate drama, showcasing mutual respect and camaraderie among K-pop idols.

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