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Special Program Featuring Songs by Dithi and Apu Honoring Bapparaj

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  • Update Time : Tuesday, June 11, 2024
 Jamuna TV broadcasts special programs every Eid. One such program is “Jamunar Nimontrone.” In this special program, actor Bapparaj, the eldest son of the legendary actor Razzak, will participate. Bapparaj’s first movie was “Chapa Dangar Bou,” directed by his father, Razzak, with Aruna Biswas as his co-star. Aruna Biswas will also be a special guest in this program. Additionally, notable film director Waqiul Ahmed and Razzak’s friend, lyricist Gazi Mazharul Anwar’s son Upal, will be present.
As a special treat for the audience, there will be musical performances. Singer Dithi Anwar, daughter of Gazi Mazharul Anwar, and singer Apu Aman will perform songs from various movies that Bapparaj has starred in. Bapparaj expressed his delight, saying, “This is the first time such a wonderful program has been organized around me. Previously, I have participated in various interview-based programs on different satellite channels. But ‘Jamunar Nimontrone’ is completely unique. My first film’s co-star, several directors of my movies like Waqiul Ahmed, and Upal participated in the discussions. Dithi and Apu sang beautifully. It felt great to be a part of this artistic program. Thank you to the Jamuna TV authorities.”
Dithi shared that she and Apu Aman performed duets like “Pathorer Prithibi te Kanchar Hridoy” and “Kajol Kajol Meyeti.” She sang “Dekho Dekho Gramasobasi Elo Debdasi” solo, while Apu sang “Premer Somadhi Venge,” “Amar Bhagya Boro Ajob Jadukar,” and “Tumi Bondhu Amar Chirosukhe Thako” solo.
Dithi said, “The relationship between my father and Bapparaj’s father was like that of close friends or brothers. I have seen their deep bond since childhood. Today, neither of them is with us, but the familial bond between our families remains strong. I deeply respect and love Bapparaj. He is an excellent actor. It was a great pleasure to sing in a program centered around him. Thank you, Jamuna TV, for including me.”
Apu Aman added, “It is a great joy to be part of such a special program dedicated to the revered Bapparaj. I have tried to sing each song with deep passion and emotion. Thank you, Dithi Apa and Jamuna TV.”
The program, produced by Shafiq Pahari and presented by Julhas Zubair, will be broadcast in Jamuna TV’s Eid lineup this coming Eid.

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