July 18, 2024, 5:00 pm

Protesters in Chittagong Demand G7 Nations Cease Fossil Fuel Financing on the eve of 50th Summit”

Sarakhon Desk
  • Update Time : Tuesday, June 11, 2024
  • Phase out from LNG Action for renewables
  • Burning fossil fuel is one of the main causes of Climate Change.
  • Ensure our future not LNG, No survival with LNG

On the eve of the G7 Summit 2024, activists, community leaders, and concerned citizens of Chittagong City gathered for a symbolic demonstration to protest the G7 countries’ ongoing investment in fossil fuels. The demonstration, organized by ISDE Bangladesh, CAB Youth Group Chattogram, Coastal Livelihood and Environmental Action Network (CLEAN) and Bangladesh Working Group On Ecology and Development (BWGED), called for an immediate end to fossil fuel financing, highlighting the urgent need for climate action.

The G7 is a group of seven countries, including the USA, UK, Canada, France, Germany, Japan, and Italy. The 50th G7 summit will be held from 13 to 15 June 2024 in Italy. Despite their public commitments to combat climate change, G7 nations continue to channel billions into fossil fuel projects, exacerbating the climate crisis and its impacts on vulnerable communities worldwide. The protest in Chittagong aimed to shed light on this contradiction and demand accountability from the world’s most powerful economies.
The spokesperson of the demonstration movement stated that Japan is one of the G7 countries, suggesting Bangladesh false solutions, including carbon capture technologies, use of fossil fuel with ammonia, and hydrogen for generating electricity.

The central Vice President of CAB and Executive Director of ISDE Bangladesh, S M Nazer Hossain, also added that “there are many investments of Japan in our LNG plants like Rupsha 800 MW CCPP in Khulna.”

The climate activists also claimed that USA-based Company Excelerate Energy is constructing an LNG terminal in Moheshkhali, Cox’s Bazar, which will delay the energy transition.

The protest is part of a global campaign all over the world against G7 finance for fossil fuel. The protestors demanded to stop “Climate Crime” by immediately ceasing all financial support for fossil fuel projects globally. They also asked to redirect funds to renewable energy initiatives that ensure a sustainable and equitable energy transition. Among the campaigners, Deputy Atorny General Advocate Abul Hashem, CAB ledaer Haron Gafur Bhuyan, central member, Bangladesh Vegetable & Fruits Exporters Association Md Selim Jahnagir, CAB Youth Group leaders Rasel Uddin, Mohammed Karim Uddin, Tania Sultana, Nafisa Nabi, Abrarul Karim Nehal, Ridwanual Hoque, Obijit Dey Sangjib were present in this demonstration.

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