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RA Rahul Debuts in Lead Role

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  • Update Time : Wednesday, June 26, 2024

RA Rahul, a rising star known for his supporting roles in TV dramas, serials, web series, and films, is stepping into the spotlight with his first lead role. Directed by Yasir Arafat, Rahul stars in the comedy drama “Age of Marriage.” The script and dialogue are crafted by playwright Pappu Raj, with Anik Das handling cinematography.

Star-Studded Cast

In addition to RA Rahul, the drama features performances by Samiha Aktar, Faruk Ahmed, Harun Banty, Seemant Ahmed, Nasrin Sultana, Najim Hamid, Swarna Moni, Sabiha, Jannat, Mim, Bokul, Noman, Kamal Raihan, Ripon, and others. The show is set to premiere on YouTube soon.

Engaging Plot

The storyline revolves around Shiuli, a bride so stunning that even ten villages couldn’t match her beauty. Badar Uddin Alal, ridiculed by his fellow villagers who doubted he could ever marry, triumphantly returns with Shiuli, proving them wrong. This comedic journey unfolds with Alal’s victory over skepticism.


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