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Toofan’ Fails to Make Waves Abroad: A Closer Look at Bangladeshi Film Releases

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  • Update Time : Saturday, June 29, 2024

The much-anticipated film ‘Toofan,’ starring Shakib Khan and directed by Raihan Rafi, was released yesterday in fifteen countries. Despite claims from filmmakers and distributors that the release is record-breaking, the reality tells a different story. The release of a Bangladeshi film in a hundred foreign cinemas is no longer extraordinary.

Comparing ‘Toofan’ to Previous Hits

The Bangladeshi film ‘Hawa’ was screened in over twenty countries, earning more than $450,000. In Canada and the US alone, ‘Hawa,’ directed by Mezbaur Rahman Sumon, was shown in sixty-six cinemas.

Other Bangladeshi films like ‘Mission Extreme’ and ‘Antarjal’ have reached 150 cinemas abroad. Recent Shakib Khan films have seen fewer releases. For example, Himel Ashraf’s ‘Priyotoma’ was released in forty-two cinemas in Canada and the US last year, while ‘Rajkumar,’ starring Shakib Khan, was released in seventy-five cinemas, surpassing a hundred when including other countries.

Limited Reach in Major Markets

Canada and the US remain the largest overseas markets for Bangladeshi films. Distributor Bioscope Films notes that ‘Toofan’ is being shown in fewer than twenty cinemas abroad. Many of these screenings are in rented venues, making it an embarrassing situation for Bangladeshi cinema and Shakib Khan. False claims suggest that ‘Toofan’ is fulfilling Shakib Khan’s dream of conquering the foreign market, although he has not made such assertions. His film ‘Priyotoma’ set a record last year as one of the top three highest-grossing Bangladeshi films abroad.

Historical Success and Present Challenges

The most successful Bangladeshi star abroad is Chanchal Chowdhury, with hits like ‘Aynabaji,’ ‘Debi,’ and ‘Hawa.’ His role in ‘Toofan’ is a positive aspect for the film.

Bangladeshi films are increasingly being released in major global chains, similar to Hollywood and Bollywood. However, boasting about rented cinema screenings is outdated and embarrassing.

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