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Bolivian President Thwarts Coup, Faces Political Turmoil

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  • Update Time : Saturday, June 29, 2024

President Arce’s Close Call
Bolivia’s President Luis Arce faced a harrowing coup attempt when armored vehicles and troops appeared in the country’s main political plaza. Arce quickly recognized the danger and confronted the orchestrator, General Juan José Zuñiga, head-on. The coup, triggered by Zuñiga’s dismissal, was quashed within three hours, ending with the general’s arrest.

 Political and Economic Challenges
While the immediate threat subsided, Arce’s challenges are far from over. Bolivia is grappling with economic difficulties, high inflation, fuel shortages, and internal party conflicts. Criticism mounts over Arce’s handling of political opponents and the country’s economic woes.

Clash with Former Mentor Morales
A significant source of tension is the rift between Arce and his mentor, former President Evo Morales. Morales, who led Bolivia during years of economic growth, aims to return to power, complicating Arce’s presidency. The constitutional court holds the power to decide if Morales can run in the next election, adding to the political uncertainty.

Failed Coup Details
Zuñiga, once a trusted ally, attempted the coup after being fired for political statements against Morales. The plot saw military personnel occupy the plaza but eventually failed as the air force withdrew support and police refused to join. Arce’s quick response and a show of defiance rallied support, but his troubles with Morales and internal party divisions persist.

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