July 25, 2024, 5:45 am

PM Sheikh Hasina and Dr Tahmeed Ahmed Discuss Health Initiatives

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  • Update Time : Monday, July 1, 2024
Dr Tahmeed Ahmed, Executive Director of icddr,b, had the honour of meeting with the Honourable Prime Minister of Bangladesh, Sheikh Hasina on 27 May 2024. During this significant meeting, Dr Ahmed conveyed the collective gratitude of icddr,b staff for the enactment of the icddr,b Act 2022.

The discussion focused on pressing health issues such as malnutrition, dengue, maternal and child health, as well as icddr,b’s groundbreaking microbiota-directed complementary food, which is currently undergoing trials in seven countries across Asia and Africa, including Bangladesh.

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s enthusiastic engagement and keen interest in the ongoing work at icddr,b were evident throughout the meeting. Her continued support is deeply appreciated by the entire icddr,b community.

This meeting marks a pivotal moment in reinforcing the collaboration between the government and icddr,b in addressing critical health challenges and advancing public health innovations.

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