July 25, 2024, 7:51 am

Lisa’s Solo Comeback: K-Media’s Mixed Reviews—Is ‘ROCKSTAR’ a Flop?

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  • Update Time : Monday, July 1, 2024

BLACKPINK’s Lisa launched her solo career with the single “ROCKSTAR” on June 28th, marking her first release since leaving YG Entertainment and establishing her own label, LLOUD Co. Despite rave reviews for her innovative style and energetic performance, K-media has labeled her comeback as “disappointing.”

Rave Reviews and Bold Transformation

Lisa’s return has been praised for her dynamic rap skills and participation in songwriting. She debuted a bold new look, transforming into a “rockstar” with goggles, chains, tooth gems, a wolf cut hairstyle, and tanned skin. The music video, filmed in Bangkok, highlights her Thai heritage and has been well-received by Thai fans.

Mixed Chart Performance

Despite initial excitement, “ROCKSTAR” saw mixed results on music charts. It ranked 8th on the Spotify Daily Top Song Global Chart but struggled in Korea, peaking at 29th. It performed better regionally, reaching the top 10 in several Asian countries and topping the iTunes chart in Thailand.

Comparisons to ‘LALISA’

K-media outlets like OSEN criticized “ROCKSTAR” for underperforming compared to Lisa’s 2021 hit “LALISA,” which topped charts in 72 countries. Critics suggest her focus on Thai roots over her K-pop identity may have affected her influence in Korea.

Potential for a Rebound

Despite criticism, some music experts believe “ROCKSTAR” could see a resurgence, similar to Lisa’s previous single “MONEY,” which gained popularity over time. Lisa’s upcoming acting debut in HBO’s “White Lotus” Season 3 might also boost her visibility and success.

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