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Idhika Pal Celebrates ‘Priyotoma’ Anniversary with Gratitude

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  • Update Time : Monday, July 1, 2024

Idhika Pal, a renowned actress from both Bengals, made her acting debut in the blockbuster Bangladeshi film ‘Priyotoma.’ Produced by Arshad Adnan and directed by Himel Ashraf, the film has recently marked its one-year anniversary. Despite the passage of time, ‘Priyotoma’ continues to be a hot topic in the film industry and among audiences due to its massive success and enduring popularity.

Commercial Success and Critical Acclaim

‘Priyotoma’ is often highlighted as one of the most commercially successful films of recent times and a pivotal moment in Shakib Khan’s career. The film is praised for its captivating storyline and popular songs. Idhika Pal’s debut performance has been a significant highlight, winning over audiences with her impressive acting skills. Idhika fondly recalls watching the film in Dhaka with her mother, sharing in the audience’s enthusiasm.

Emotional Reflections and Heartfelt Gratitude

Even today, Idhika gets emotional when discussing her first film. On her birthday, which she plans to spend with family, she reflects on her journey and expresses heartfelt gratitude. “I am most grateful to Arshad Adnan Sir, whose production company made ‘Priyotoma’ possible. His dedication has always inspired me,” she said. Idhika couldn’t attend the premiere or the special screening for the Honorable President but later attended the President’s birthday celebration at Bangabhaban. She vividly remembers the President’s admiration for her performance and the flowers he presented, a memory she cherishes deeply.

Support from Co-star Shakib Khan

Idhika also thanked Shakib Khan, saying, “Shakib Khan was incredibly supportive during the shoot. The ‘Priyotoma’ days will always hold a special place in my heart. I’ll never forget those cherished moments.” As she celebrates her birthday, Idhika seeks everyone’s prayers, blessings, and love, especially for her parents.


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