July 25, 2024, 5:43 am

Taiwan’s Proposal to Store Ammunition in Temples Faces Public Outcry

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  • Update Time : Wednesday, July 3, 2024

The Taiwanese military’s proposal to use local temples in Miaoli County as ammunition depots during wartime has triggered significant public concern. The plan involves transporting ammunition from military depots to temple grounds to ensure resupply for reserve brigade units.

Residents and Religious Community Oppose
Residents, particularly those near the selected temples, strongly oppose the plan. Concerns include the increased risk of becoming wartime targets and the danger of accidental explosions during temple events.

Ethical and Legal Concerns
The proposal has also offended religious communities, with many considering it disrespectful to use sacred sites for military purposes. A retired air force general highlighted that using civilian sites like temples for military storage could violate the Geneva Conventions, constituting a war crime.

Military Response
The Armed Forces Reserve Command clarified that the plan was part of the Han Kuang Exercise and no actual ammunition would be stored. The plan aims to integrate civilian resources for logistical support during wartime exercises.

Political Implications
Political commentator Julian Kuo likened the strategy to controversial tactics used by Hamas, sparking further debate. The proposal comes amid strained cross-strait relations and heightened military preparedness under new leadership.


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