July 18, 2024, 5:20 pm

Putul’s ‘Putulghore Atmokothon’ Takes YouTube by Storm

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  • Update Time : Wednesday, July 3, 2024

Celebrated singer and writer Putul is gaining significant attention with her YouTube show “Putulghore Atmokothon.” Unlike typical TV magazine programs, this show stands out for its engaging content and regular episodes. Putul expresses her joy and dedication to hosting the show.

Making Conversations Lively

Putul highlights the importance of detailed knowledge about her guests to ensure engaging conversations. “A lively conversation is crucial for audience enjoyment,” she notes, expressing gratitude to her past guests and anticipation for future episodes.

Upcoming Episodes with Special Guests

Singer Rizia Parveen and actress-dancer Chandni are among the upcoming guests on “Putulghore Atmokothon.” These episodes promise more exciting content for the viewers.

A Special Song for Her Daughter

On her daughter Geetalina’s birthday, Putul received a song named after her. This 17-minute and 30-second song, “Geetalina,” reflects Putul’s journey from pregnancy to her daughter’s second year. The song, produced by Syed Reza Ali, showcases Putul’s personal and emotional experiences as a mother.


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