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The Growing Risks of Aging: The Fragile Bonds Between Generations

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  • Update Time : Friday, July 5, 2024
Hasan Ali
As joint families disintegrate, social ties with relatives weaken, leading to increased self-centeredness. The erosion of humanity, ethics, and values has made relying on children in old age increasingly precarious.
 The Plight of the Elderly
Previously, reaching old age was rare, and those who did were highly respected. Today, with over half a million people aged over 80, the average life expectancy is projected to reach 80 years. Despite having financial resources, many elderly people struggle to find adequate care, as family members often hesitate to hire professional caregivers. This reluctance can result in affluent seniors being harassed or even killed by greedy caregivers.
 The Risks of Dependency
Relying on children or fate for support in old age is increasingly risky. Younger generations need to consider the implications of this trend seriously.
Elderly Care in a Capitalist Society
In capitalist societies, humanitarian issues often take a back seat to profit. Elderly care is treated as a commodity, with services available only to those who can afford them. Establishing elderly care centers, homes, and day care centers in local communities is crucial. These institutions require government support and financial incentives to ensure that all seniors receive the care they need. It is imperative for the state to fulfill its duty of providing elderly care, rather than leaving seniors at the mercy of others.
The responsibility of elderly care should not be left to chance or goodwill. It’s a societal and governmental duty to ensure that seniors live their final years with dignity and proper care.

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