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Alankar Chowdhury’s Awaited Film Debut: A New Chapter

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  • Update Time : Tuesday, July 9, 2024

Alankar Chowdhury continues to impress with her range of roles in various dramas. Now, she embarks on a new journey with her first film at a mature age, starring in the government-funded “Muktir Choto Golpo” (A Short Story of Liberation). Written by Mizanur Rahman Rubel and directed by Masood Zakaria Sabin, the film features Alankar in the role of a journalist named Nadi.

Fighting for Liberation and Against Modern Challenges

Reflecting on her role, Alankar remarked, “The country gained independence after the 1971 Liberation War, but true independence remains elusive. We faced the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 and continue to battle drug addiction among the youth. As Nadi, I strive to stand against drugs and uphold the freedom fighters’ vision for the nation.” She expressed great satisfaction working with director Masood Zakaria Sabin and holds high hopes for the film.


Awaiting Release and Continued Success

Alankar eagerly anticipates the film’s release, with it set to go before the censor board soon. Besides her film work, she is currently filming the BTV serial “Jora Shalik,” directed by Himel Ishak, and has received acclaim for her modeling in Milan and Puja’s song “Ki Kore Bujhai.” Her recent drama “Apon Banke,” directed by Rana Bortoman, also aired on NTV.


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